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Staying covered has never been more rewarding


Is my shipment being insured?


  • All consignments are covered free of charge for loss up to a maximum of £100 in value (per consignment not per box), and it is subject to the EDEX CARE terms and conditions.


  • If you wish to purchase EDEX CARE, you may do so by declaring the value at the end of the booking process. You may also request this purchase to our in-house collection team on the collection day.


  • The value entered should represent the full replacement cost of the entire consignment. In the event of a partial loss, the proportion of the total insured value is the settlement figure.


  • The minimum premium is £4 which will cover up to £200. For over £200, the premium is at 2% of the declared value.

The maximum value we cover is £1000 per consignment - please contact us if you require extra premium.


EDEX CARE does not cover against losses incurred by a delay. The declared value should be the cost of the goods when shipped. The declared value is not displayed on the waybill or labels and should not affect the declared value for Customs (if applicable).


Are there any exclusions to the EDEX CARE?


Prohibited or Restricted Items


We cannot offer cover for any items which appear on the relevant carriers prohibited or restricted Items list. In addition, there are also goods that are excluded from the EDEX CARE Cover. These include but are not limited to the following:

  • glass

  • plaster, china, pottery and ceramics

  • liquids or alcohol

  • cosmetic item

  • objects of art

  • antiques

  • documents and vouchers

  • films

  • tapes

  • discs

  • any forms of currencies

  • memory cards

  • other data or image carrying goods


If you do send such goods we recommend that you arrange insurance yourself or if you are unsure whether your goods will be covered, please contact us.


A claim for lost goods will be rejected if the items are missing from the original packing list or invoice.


EDEX CARE Premiums are non-refundable once the consignment has been collected.




Goods must be sufficiently packaged to withstand the rigours of transit. Most carriers use automated sorting systems incorporating conveyor belts and gravity chutes. Generally, packages should be able to withstand a drop from waist height onto a solid floor. This is especially relevant to heavier items which are inherently more difficult to protect due to their weight in the case of a drop.


How do I make a claim?


Notification of intent to claim for lost must be made within 14 days of delivery (or 14 days from the date the carrier has deemed the goods to be "lost") directly to EDEX. A claim can only be made by the person or Company contracted with EDEX to organise the collection and delivery. Claims can also be made in writing.


Lost Goods


To make a claim we will need the following information:


  1. A copy of the waybill/consignment note signed by the driver on the collection of your goods.

  2. Proof of value for the entire consignment (receipt or purchase invoice). Note that this must be your cost price and not your sales price and we will only pay for the replacement value or repair of the goods.

  3. A claim can only be undertaken once the Carrier had deemed the goods as "lost".


EDEX CARE Restricted Items


Our trusted partners have their own prohibited and restricted items lists which can change from time to time. We have a general list published on our website which you can use as a guide. If in doubt please check the website of the relevant carrier or call our customer service team on 01612029388.


Prohibited and Restricted items are excluded from our EDEX CARE Cover.


We also recommend that you check with customs at the destination country that you wish to send to, as each country has different policies as to what will be accepted into the country. If you are in any doubt, please contact our customer service team.


  • Prohibited items will not be accepted onto any of our services.

  • Restricted items can be sent but will not be covered against loss.

Prohibited Items


The following items cannot be sent on any of our services:


Explosive Material


  • Fireworks

  • Ammunition (cartridges for weapons)/Gunpowder

  • Helium

  • Weapons/Detonators/Weapon Parts

  • Fire Extinguishers

  • Safety Matches/Torch or Cigarette Lighters

  • Airbags for Cars

  • Life Jackets & Self-Inflating Rafts

  • Seatbelts & seat-belt pre-tensioners

  • Camping Stoves and Fuel containers

  • Complete firearms and firearm parts, ammunition, explosives, weapons


Flammable Items


  • Fuel (Cooking fuel or any other flammable liquids)

  • Paint/Turpentine

  • Compressed Air/Gas Cylinders

  • Gasoline

  • Aerosols/Perfumes

  • Mercurial Barometer or Thermometer

  • Champagne

  • Hair Curlers containing Hydrocarbon Gas


Toxic Chemicals


  • Cleaners and Solvents

  • Liquid Bleach/Chlorine

  • Insecticides

  • Wet-Cell/Lithium Batteries

  • Radioactive Material

  • Infectious Substances

  • Adhesives

  • Pepper Spray




  • All illegal drugs including Khat. If illegal drugs are found, the police and/or HM Customs will be informed immediately.

  • Prescription drugs and pharmaceutical products

  • If Khat is found in your shipment, you will be fined £100

  • Tobacco and Tobacco Products


Restricted Items


  • Perishable food or items 

  • Animal products (including but not limited to ivory, fur and garments trimmed with fur)

  • Living or Dead Animals (including fish, insects, larvae, pupae etc)

  • Animal Fur/Skin

  • White goods

  • Clothing, apparels, or accessories over £150 in value (including designer clothing and accessories)

  • Credit and/or Debit bank cards

  • Champagne

  • Cash (including cheques or any other vouchers with a face value)

  • Christmas Crackers

  • Candles

  • Bullion

  • Articles of exceptional value (e.g. works of art, antiques, precious stones, gold and silver)

  • Alcohol / Alcoholic Beverages temperature controlled environment

  • Body parts, human remains or ashes

  • Medical samples (including but not limited to bodily fluids and tissue samples)

  • Electronic Items - In total no more than 2 electronic items per package i.e. desktop computers, MP3 players or any other electronic components. The package must not contain any lithium batteries and The package must not exceed £1,000 in total value

  • Flowers and plant products

  • Illegal goods (these are goods which are considered illegal in the origin, the transit points and/or the destination countries and would include but not be limited to pirated goods, counterfeit goods and narcotics)

  • Imitation (replica) firearms, toy guns, weapons, explosive devices or ammunition

  • Mattresses

  • Mobile Telephones - No more than 2 mobile phones with accessories. The entire package may not contain more than 2 lithium batteries which must be contained within the mobile telephones. The package must not exceed £500 in total value

  • Nail Vanish/ Nail Varnish Remover

  • Non-flatpack Furniture

  • Precious Metals or Precious Stones

  • Jewellery (low-value costume jewellery can be accepted - worth no more than £50)

  • Perfumes/Aftershaves

  • Personal Data - Packages containing unencrypted personal data in electronic format

  • Personal effects to certain countries

  • Pressurised canisters (i.e. hairspray, deodorant, etc)

  • Pornography

  • Stamps of unusual value

  • LCD TV's (UPS services only)

  • Knives/Swords

  • Semen/Blood/Lab Samples

  • Tax stickers / banderols

  • Magnets

  • Printer Ink & Toner Cartridges

  • Watches with an individual value over £250

  • Dangerous / hazardous goods including but not limited to perfumes, aftershaves, aerosols, flammable substances, loose lithium batteries, dry ice, biological substances, UN classified dangerous goods and any goods specified as such under International Air Transport Association regulations ("IATA"), the Agreement on Dangerous Goods by Road ("ADR") or International Maritime Dangerous Goods ("IMDG") regulations.

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