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About Edaran Express

We, Edaran Express International Limited (EDEX) offers door to door shipment services around the globe with Malaysia as our speciality. By maintaining the quality and effectivity of our supply chain, we arrange door to door shipping to Malaysia as well as any destination across the globe.


EDEX dedicated team of in-house customer service advisors and freight consultants are ready to respond to your questions or enquiries in regards to shipping to Malaysia and advise you on the best possible solutions for sending your parcels or managing your removals. We are here to help you save on your way going back home or moving to Malaysia by introducing you our most affordable door to door shipment to Malaysia via sea freight, air cargo or even road freight service.


Using EDEX  can save you up to 90% in standard postal rates. We guarantee and always check our price among other company which provide similar shipping to Malaysia service. By maintaining the most affordable rates and not compromising with the quality, we have been and always be the most preferred shipping provider for the market.


Our door to door shipment to Malaysia via air freight services offers a fast-paced alternative for non-bulky shipments. Having excess baggage last minute at the airport, we can arrange to send your belongings or shopping bag home for up to 70% from standard airlines overweight charges.


You can make significant savings for shipping to Malaysia via sea freight which is more economical, providing that your timeframe is flexible. We are specialising in the door to door shipment to Malaysia, offering the most competitive rates in the UK and Western Europe market. Our door-to-door sea freight shipping to Malaysia services is the most affordable services on the planet. Get your free packing cartons delivered to you for free, pack them up and get them also collected for free, and there will be no charges for any unused packing material.

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