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Our Mail Forwarding Service


1. Register with us and get your FREE UK Address

2. Shop online at your favourite stores and ship them to your given address

Your EDEX Address

3. Select your suitable shipping method via Sea or Air and receive your package in Malaysia with a piece of mind!

Terms and Conditions

1. Receiving & Checking Charges

£2 will be charged per item. We will check that your item in your list has been received. Only basic checking will be done. This is to ensure that your items are in good condition upon receipt by our warehouse team. 

Detailed checking can be requested, should you need photos of items taken by our personnel, you will be charged another extra £2 per item.

2. Repacking Charges

All items requiring repacking into our specified boxes will be charged as below

- £4 for mini 

- £8 for Midi 

- £11 for Maxi

3. Packing Materials

Should you require us to repack your items with bubblewrap or shrink wrap, charges are as below:

- Bubblewrap : £0.50 per metre used or £20 per roll

- Shrink Wrap : £3-£10 per item depending on the size of you items

Should your parcels need these materials especially those sending home fragile items such as ceramics, we will inform you about this.

4. Returning Charges

Should there be any need for us to return any of your items to the supplier on your behalf for any reason, you will be charged  £5 per item.

- Shipping label will need to be provided by the customers. We will print this and stick it on your parcel. 

Customer will bear the cost of returning the parcel to supplier


5. Overweight Charges 

Our maximum handling weight per box is 30kg. Anything above this will be charged extra as below

- £10 for 31-40kg

- £20 for 41-50kg

- £30 for 51-60kg


6. Storage Charges

Customers that is taking our container space sharing will be charged storage per week as below

- 5 feet space - £50 per week 

- 10 feet space - £95 per week 


7. Handling Charge

For customers who take up space sharing, there will be a minimum charge on handling as below:

2.5ft = £50

5ft = £100

10ft = £150

or £1.50 per box, whichever is higher.


8. Shipping Charges by Sea

Mini Box (11'x12'x15') = £20

Midi Box (18'x18'x20') = £49

Maxi Box (18'x18'x30') = £59

Odd Box is £12 per cubic feet 

For Bulky Items such as bicycles, furniture etc, please contact our customer service team

9. Penalty

We deal with hundreds of customers per shipment, to ensure the process of handling your items are smooth, we expect our customers to follow the templates we give. 


- Customers who use wrong format of parcels delivery to our warehouse which can be time consuming to find will be charged £5 as a penalty.

- Customers who do not follow the template for packing List will be charged £5 as a penalty.

- Customers who gave incorrect packing list which do not match items delivery will be charged £5 as a penalty

Extra Points to Note

1. Price per cubic feet stated here are for delivery to West Malaysia only. For Sabah & Sarawak, please contact our team.

2. The shipment of fragile items such as glass, stonewares, ceramic, china etc are of customer's own risks. We will not be liable for any damaged incurred.

3. Items received at the warehouse with wrong formatting on address and are unclaimed after 1 month will be disposed by our team.

4. Prohibited item will be disposed by our team without notice

5. EDEX has the right to change the cost of charges from time to time without prior notice.

6. The terms and condition will be reviewed from time to time.

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